after all by Jaime Chu

after all

just because I’m not happy to see you doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you

just because you have feelings doesn’t mean you are feeling anything

just because you have it all doesn’t mean you want it all

just because the rules don’t apply to you doesn’t mean you are not punished by them

just because you are good at avoiding pain doesn’t mean you have high tolerance for pain

just because I want to sit in pitch dark with you for 15 minutes in complete silence doesn’t mean I am in love with you

just because I don’t ask questions doesn’t mean I don’t need answers

just because there is only one right way to show love doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of love we know

just because you want it to hurt doesn’t mean it should hurt

just because you’re not suffering doesn’t mean you’re not dying

just because I want to die doesn’t mean I don’t try to be alive

just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean I wasn’t there

just because I want to be perfect doesn’t mean I don’t wish I am more human

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