Back to School Special

Poems by Rosie Stockton, Cole Lu, Jaime Chu,
Ty Little, Devin Kenny, and Laura Marie Marciano

after Marx’s “Human Requirements and Division of Labour Under the Rule of Private Property”
Rosie Stockton

I’ve got some human requirements
hornet, injury, toothbrush

invented my need & I do

I need against schedules
lodging my hunger

for you
and cement sound.

what if we kissed
in the Amazon locker

crude oil massage, your hand lotion
on my choke points

your most fresh sacrifice
boxed like Blue Apron

there’s no time to eat
rotting in a stoop’s sunlight.

box trucks and networks
can be so lonesome, so owned

& I am alone tonight
trying to remember that

we don’t want
what we think we want.

O Plato my Plato
I’m calling off our sessions

I’m blocking your image
& of all your shadows

what about the shadow
their chains cast?

Daily Activity Diary
Cole Lu

It’s late already, five or five-thirty. She is sitting at her laptop but not typing. She picks up her cup of tea and takes two small sips because it’s still hot. She puts it down. She’s supposed to make a video today. She woke up late this morning and has been futzing around ever since. She had some coffee. She read the newsletter in her inbox. She dipped into a couple books: Derrida’s Postcard that she bought two years ago and never finished reading, a new novel by Ingo Niermann that she ordered from Amazon because no bookstores in town carry it – she’s not a systematic reader. She flipped on the smart TV and watched half of something dumb. She didn’t feel up to leaving the apartment – it was muggy out even for St. Louis in the
spring. She was aware of a low-level but continuous feeling of anxiety attached with the fact that she hadn’t started making yet and didn’t have ideas. Her mind flitted about. She thought about an Amy Yao painting that she’d seen last summer in a show. She considered whether she should order a dinner from a Asian restaurant that resides in a repurposed Taco Bell. (She can’t go out, she was in severe close watch of her health condition. She doesn’t often go out these days either way.) On a trip to the bathroom she noticed she needed a trim of her undercut– it has grown out to a state that it no longer looks queer. She talked on the phone with an artist friend who had just moved to the countryside. By five o’clock, though, there was no avoiding the fact that she had only an hour or so left before the working day would be over, so she played her studio playlist titled Pacific Rose on her Spotify and sit down at her working station made by a hollow core door and two trestles. She sees that there’s tiny spot on the wall that she’s never noticed before. It’s only going to take her half an hour or forty minutes to whip out something short once she gets going, but getting going– that’s the hard part.
*”Daily Activity Diary” first appeared in Cole Lu’s 2017 solo exhibition Pacific Rose

Honey’s Day Off
Jaime Chu

hi sweetie
wyd tn
saw you on tv again
glock 19 looks good on you

if you are so handsome why won’t you let me forget about you
i don’t care about horoscopes

the bonus

the report
now that i am sober
come home soon
i need you to smash my face into the floor

population growth
Ty Little

ensures ghosts their
earthly domain

each melting glacier 

a future surfing opportunity for
our dead children

steady saying
Devin Kenny

I don’t
I’m gonna
 die lit
        and I will if
                     I keep on
eating this food
        drinking this thing
                breathing with them
pushing that button
living this
in this town.
                I started to think                                                
it wasn’t me
taking a weekend                                        
        with my uncle
that took my
        mother away                                
it was Daley
Swamp Fox                                
it was University                                
Kavanaugh dried up
Stroger can’t
        Harold Washington can’t
        Harold’s can
it was Reagan                                                
Bush Clinton triplicate                                                
                signed letters
it was fantasia                                                
                                Century City.
                        it wasn’t                                
        nose rings

alternate spellings

the new spelling                                                

                paper bus transfers
the eL                                        

        free jazz

theatre reviews                                        

        a Black nation

a brownstone

        the Oils man

smoking grass                                        

        eating vegetables.                                        

                        people found out

some shit that

many millions already knew

                but who would’ve known?

with their language for it

        liquid filled sacs that

interconnect all

                our systems

        sinews and organs

muscles and cartilage

        nerves and bones                        

acupuncture at

weeksville heritage center

felt great

the incense

                reminded me of those early

        late years

                              we shared

                north carolina

                in bedstuy BK

                GA chicago



        interstitium sounds like

                chi to be honest

Laura Marie Marciano

I feel like rage

And nostalgia

Keep me up

Visions of Verona

Leonardo and Judas

Famous countrymen

Or my 45-inch bust

In a sample size

Angels swell, burst

The touch of

Atlantic surge

Soaks through

My Fiorucci t-shirt

Grass Floods

Fiori di Napoli

Bloom in the driveway or

What if the binary

Is broken

And I tried to tell you?

We are parked

On Graham Avenue


Plays on Bluetooth

Purr-ing Hitachi Wand

Softly over

Bell bottoms, oversized

Hair clips, black velvet

Frustrated but hopeful

You, a man, are asleep

What if we pluck fat loins

Like violins

Sew satin details

On handmade skirts

Instead of doing

What we do

A friend suggests

Conscious Uncoupling

I am into it

Queer Futurity!

A new way to relate

A new thing to aspire toward

A cake-sitting legend

A pansexual god

And so much more!

But all we have now?

Crowded invite lists to

Purge or wait on

No shows

A temple

To impulse buys

How I wanted

Holographic headlights

Third-love sleepwear

False lashes

Yellow diamond

White press on nails (designer)

White rug, tan legs

Pasta for dinner

I am imitating now

How they write, never

Look at me square

She went back

To an abuser

It’s not ok

But ok

I throw a pool party

For fat women only

Should we all just

Stop trying

The patriarch is kind of

Strong but also

I wish I could flirt

With women

Tell them about

Vince Guaraldi Trio

In the late summer office

At the year end party

Back to School Contributors

Rosie Stockton is a poet based in Los Angeles. Their first book, Permanent Volta, is the recipient of the 2019 Sawtooth Prize, and is forthcoming from Ahsahta Press in 2020. Their poems have also been published by Publication Studio, Monster House Press, BigBig Wednesday, Flint Magazine, and A Plume Journal.

Cole Lu is an artist, curator and writer based in New York.

JAIME moved to Beijing.

Ty Little is a trans poet and vessel. Find them on Instagram @deprestrogen

Devin Kenny is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, musician*, and independent curator living in Houston. Born on the south side of Chicago, he relocated to New York to begin his studies at Cooper Union. He has since continued his practice through the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, SOMA Mexico, and the Whitney ISP, doing projects with DADDY (RIP), Triple Canopy, Rhizome, Dark Inquiry, Temporary Agency and various venues in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and internationally including: Recess, Het Roode Bioscoop, REDCAT, Artists Space, Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, MoMA PS1, and Performance Space. He received his MFA in 2013 in New Genres at UCLA.instagram: @crashingwavy twitter: @devinkkenny
*(dkyk : los giros de la siguiente available here and also on all streaming platforms)

Laura Marie Marciano is a visiting professor at Lehigh University. She is the author of Mall Brat andfounder of gemstone readings.

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