OK so it’s the future. The world has ended. Everyone and everything that ever was is a ghost, and they’re all hanging out, just drifting through the ether, tethered to a longing they can never articulate. And so this one ghost goes up to another ghost and it tells the ghost a story. It’s the only story in the whole world, and it is the saddest most beautiful story anyone has ever heard, it is just choking with beauty, this story, it is incredibly moving, and if you could have heard it, you would really finally truly and totally believe in love. OK so it’s 1397. We’re in Venice. Everything is made of marble, and the canals glisten under the moon, which watches us all. I wish you could see it. It’d just break your heart, how beautiful it all is. OK so across the street Giovanni Medici starts a bank and then, a little later, he buys the whole entire government and a pope to make sure that things just keep working out for him, and they did, and he really enjoyed it, and then he died. OK so now it’s the year 33. And there’s this guy, Jesus, let’s call him Jesus, so Jesus has just convinced a really loud portion of the population of a pretty major city to love with an open heart and burn down the banks. And this has angered the cops to such a degree that the cops get his friend to snitch on him so they can tie Jesus to a pole and stab him to death (said friend ends up a suicide, according to police reports). Later, after he’s publicly tied to a pole and stabbed to death and then buried in a cave or something, people claim to see Jesus around town, which freaks the cops out. They put everyone in prison and never let them out again. Anyway this is why nothing before he was born counts, and also why his portrait hangs in every single bank, in hopes of warding off love, and revolt. Honestly it’s worked pretty well so far.    

Sasha Fletcher

Sasha Fletcher is the author of, most recently, it is going to be a good year (Big Lucks Books, 2016). He lives in Brooklyn. @sasha_fletcher

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