die Anti-Baby Pille by Sophia Le Fraga

Blahhhh. I am looking up FICO rates and credit scores
Anxious about my business trip like some sort of fake adult
Who’s allergic to work but keeps spending all her money anyway
Somewhere beyond this wall of dark trees is a bit of night sky
And Rin in New York looking through our pictures from college
6×6 contact sheets stretched out across the floor
Where the clicking feet of two small dogs used to echo
Rin is never stressed or perhaps Rin always is
While in Berlin Coco says the sexist doctor called her birth control
An anti-baby pill I tell her lol that’s just the word for it in German
In LA the things that matter are weed and sunshine and I like that
I turned dinner down tonight to sit here and write poems
It’s true what Ted said — we used to have Netflix and chill
Now we just have Youtube and loneliness
All I want to do is drive in your car eating french fries
Miss my flight to New York but get In n Out anyway
I know you hate our mattress let’s get a new one and a comforter
          And never leave bed at all.

Sophia Le Fraga

Sophia Le Fraga is a poet and artist. Her interview talk show Having a Smoke with You lives on Instagram, as does No Issue, the zine she founded and edits.

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