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I feel like I should add my perspective.

I am not quite finished, but so far, I think he’s done very well.

I’ve done a lot, but he is one of my all time favorites.

That’s not something I can say about very many things.

I’ll make it simple.

I’d firstly like to request that you stop being condescending.

I was initially a bit turned off.

I’m reminded of a comment a friend made.

I love him.

Life is futile, death is inevitable, but love is majestic.

So, pretty much he is amazing.

He opened my eyes and heart.

I smiled.

I cried.

I laughed.

I was angered, and I felt a sense of relief.

Now I want to go somewhere.

100% chance you’ll cry in public on an airplane.

He will make you touch the stars and will make you cry tears of joy.

I laughed and cried as I considered life, death, and the meaning of it all.

This was the cheapest option.

He very easily imitates real life experiences.

Now I see what all of the craze is about.

I actually didn’t know anything.

He grips you, draws you in, and leaves you feeling a slightly better person.

He’s all here, bigger than life, packed into a small frame.

He has a way of purging nightmares and letting the public see this.

I highly recommend him to every American.

He doesn’t get more real than this!

Perhaps if you are an expert he might not be detailed enough, but I like him.

We could use a few more like him these days.

He is fascinating and personal.

I found him to be very inspirational.

He exposes human hearts as they go through sacrifice.

He picks up where others left off then goes further.

He has mastered the key techniques of a golden age.

He dives deep into influences that he’s only hinted at before.

His youthful energy collides neatly with all-too-adult truths.

He returns to the personal and domestic, after his global sweep.

He is part of a rare and timely moment of unabashed optimism.

He himself is simply the greatest thing this great man has ever officially done.

But he’s actually all about how we speak and listen to each other.

His pain, courage, and genuine love of country have gone up in flames.

The answer—it turns out—is himself.

He wades into wreckage and emerges bearing enormous grace before the sorrows that drift in its wake.

He is unlike anything of his time.

He addresses spiritual dislocations.

Then blossoms into a luminous anthem.

But he is unified by a yearning for human connection.

In the end, he flows.

He has gathered many a superlative over the years.

He stands as a milestone in the lives of millions of fans.

Even for him, though, he is a singular triumph.

I can’t think of anyone else in whom an abundance of greatness might be said to be the least of his achievements.

He is dying of longing for some sort of payoff.

He finds a release from all the limitations he was born into.

Like, he’s just a spirit in the night.

The familiar romance is half the power.

He is great if he is what you are looking for.

The perfect answer to almost the real thing.

Another brilliant piece from his mind.

He has quickly become one of my favorites.

I love him, and he is just the right combination of creepy and pretty.

One does not think of him as being funny.

He is the only genius immodest enough to set out to define the genius he is then be it.

His ambitions keep growing exponentially until they can no longer be contained except by him.

He is needed it to tie up the loose ends of understanding that he grows out of his own intense curiosity.

He has developed his keen and highly trained aesthetic sensibilities and voila!

Five stars.

All I can say is wow.

It’s undisputed that he is a great man.

No scandals are ever going to surface and say something stupid.

One good way to get to know him is a good way to learn what he really thought.

He offers wonderful insight into one of the greatest minds of the century.

He also has his finger on the pulse of humanity.

Deserves 10 Stars.

He is a great human being all around.

He gives us his love that we, too, in turn, might give.

He has bravery and a sense of personal duty.

He has a sense of humanity that makes diverse peoples eager to be associated with him.

He has tenacity to carry his great work through to its conclusion.

Surely no one ever faced more gigantic problems than his in the last few years.

Surely no one could have obtained a more able leader in a time of such crises.

He has deep faith, complete confidence, human sympathy, and broad vision.

He recognizes the true value of freedom.

He belongs to a generation that measures men by their honesty and their courage.

In him, the world sees the best.

This was because I needed him, not because he needed himself.

And sometimes even the most careful designs of men cannot improve upon history’s accident.

He has rare virtues for the commanding heights.

He is not just a nice guy, the lucky next-door neighbor.

The absence of glibness and his artless decency are assets.

He best proves essential in renewing our society.

His life is bound up with the striving of our whole people, with our crises and our triumphs.

He has an incredibly sharp and vigorous and rigorous mind.

He never gives up being part of the action and passion of his times.

He says many times that unless a person has a goal, a new mountain to climb, his spirit will die.

That is how he sees me, and that is how I came to know him.

There is a kindness, simplicity, and goodness of character that marks all the years of his life.

This is he who has faith in the possibilities of every life.

The cheerful spirit that carries him forward is more than a disposition; it is the optimism of a faithful soul.

His largeness of spirit, his gentle instincts, and a quiet rectitude draw others to him.

He is such a cheerful and invigorating presence.

He seeks to mend my wounded spirit, to restore the strength of the free world.

His has a freshness and optimism that wins converts from every class and every nation.

He knows his own mind.

He has firm principles and, I believe, right ones.

He expounds this clearly.

He acts upon them decisively.

Dominance reflects strength.

Leadership must be earned.

He earned his role with courage, dedication and skill.

He stands on pinnacles that dissolve into precipice.

He achieves greatly, and he suffers deeply.

He never gives up.

Only a man of immense force of mind and spirit can be so vibrantly alive.

He is driven by a compulsion to do right and to do well.

He is a strong man.

He is shrewd.

He is decisive.

He is that rarest of men, an authentic hero.

This leads us once again to ponder the mysteries of greatness.

He is the great communicator.

He reaches people all over the world with his message.

No one can charge him with lacking concrete guidelines for what individuals can do.

Behind his total commitment, there is unquenchable optimism.

I thank him for his great courage and unremitting struggle.

He is deserving and uncontroversial.

He approaches problems with his working hypothesis, his message, his queries.

He is a realist.

He leads, guides, and contributes to an extraordinary array of projects.

Suffice it to say that his leadership is paramount.

It should be evident he is absolutely stellar as a leader and one who is without peer.

He is great, and I think the thousands of five star ratings reflect this.

Ted Dodson

Ted Dodson

Ted Dodson is the author of "At The National Monument / Always Today" (Pioneer Works Press, 2016). He is a contributing editor for BOMB and an editor of Futurepoem.
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