Four Poems by Mo Romney


On our backs: A documentary about
Mongolian horses that helped build America

I am a switch
the horse / here / turns me on

We haven’t gotten very far
Is anybody else humbled by
unrequited desire?

In the tub i think about
never having to work again
Or if i could choose to work
I’d be a swan eating mussels on sunday morning
eating pinky muscles on sunday morning

i am poor
I’ve been poor
thinking about the past all day
plans are left on red



I have an addictive personality

This is a strange experience because
girlhood is a micro word
A bug leaves a dinky little flower

just think of it
A common blue sky
with a few breasts for clouds
to keep close

What is twoness?
fantasy and quiet / in one dark body
two hands flicking
with its toes curling
a blue and black butterfly
in no time / she is picking at holes.

immersion/ PRIMAL TRUTH
                   PRIMAL TRUTH
                   PRIMAL TRUTH

the drowning is ugly and beautiful
washing with no mystery

Where is my woman?

fantasy and quiet / in one dark body
two hands flicking/ toes curling
i am a blue and black butterfly

Art world goes back home
We do not interact
Psychology and go home
W E.B. Dubois died in Ghana

I nominate you like the tribute

Jamaican women and their bigger brothers
Clara is my North Star
and one of my best friends

Every time I use a single use bathroom
I think

It is the perfect time for a one-woman show
and I still see that rainbow
ring around the moon
Look what they’ve done to my song mom

NYPD expands its sex crime division
faith have you read xenofeminism?
meet me at the intersection
of white women and
forget everything but fresh nails

the butterfly
sanctuary and the fuckin wall

the government god putting the wall right thru paradise

another scissoring paradise
/i cordially left after dinner.

Mo Romney

Mo Romney is an artist / archivist writing poems in Ridgewood, NY.

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