Four Poems by Nadia de Vries


I Am My Own Lapidary

Everything about me is stone
Stone face, stone arms
Stone amygdala, stone thigh bones
My gut is all stone. I pass stones.
When I pee stones, blood comes out
I do not own any surfaces
Nothing I bleed on is mine
I get displayed all the time
I shit pebbles like a marble rabbit
I’m unpredictable
Principal investigator and provider
of care to all stones
My dog is a stone
He’s cute for a stone
I’m going to take care of him
It will be so brutal


The Rigger and the Rope Bunny

Why am I in pain
I didn’t make any sudden movements
or did I


Dungeon Poem

Last night my lover called me diabolical.

These words like handcuffs
tied to my radiator.

My beautiful lover

My beautiful, manacled


Pain by Association

Once these shoes are broken in
I will never wear them again.

Isn’t it funny

Nadia de Vries

Nadia de Vries is the author of Dark Hour (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018). She lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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