Four Poems by Sophia Giovannitti




Arching over you in the sunlight in your room in July is a blessing
We are the animals
Unkempt in your mother’s pond
Tapping security cameras unknowingly with noses and paws
In spite of our phones
We will never be here again

In the analog photo of me you take I’m a blur
I laugh with your dick in my mouth
I’ve never been this

Bound in love crime and trust
I promise you I’ll never snitch
In sickness and in health
For richer and poorer
I’ll never tell it was you
I’ll never tell
I’d rather die than tell


Sometimes the Basis of a Love is darkness

I woke up with my hand between my thighs
There was someone in bed next to me
Who went to hold it and said it was sweaty
I walked to the bathroom
It wasn’t sweat but blood, blood everywhere,
And I went back to see,
And there was no blood on his sheets,
In my sleep in my hands I’d caught it all


Love Poem

I could say the darkest things to you
And you would match me


Season Bleeding

The grotesque pool
Of muddied blood
Under the horses
Some mornings

But how is it possible
If horses are the first men
Little girls ride

Sophia Giovannitti

Sophia Giovannitti is a writer in New York, currently working on a project about the ways we talk about incest. Follow her @ dishonestwork.

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