She Thinks She’s People by Charlotte Shane

It’s noon and my fluids
are getting thinner
I measure my body in a bag
I have never felt a wrong way
I have never made a mistake

I’m here not as a feminist
but as a consumer, collector
someone expert
who knows I amplify
the male eye I improve
in pursuit of futile beauty
the least degradable corpse
in the courtyard decorated
periodically in expensive pain

I’m here as a woman
and I’m fine with that
ready to bleed the way
you like it dirty
shameless with tits
penetrated so many times
they’re finally convinced
they’re genitals, post-violence
entered into yet
invincible Imagine my breasts
sliced apart so many times
they slide open like silky pages
split so many times they fall
open like owned books
to the most familiar place
in your hands.

Charlotte Shane

Charlotte Shane is cofounder of TigerBee Press. She is regrettably available on the internet in the usual places.

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