Six Poems by Sophie Jennis



hello. i am writing just to let you know that i was laying in bed, in the dark, and i felt a daddy long legs crawling on my arm. i tried to keep my arm out as long as i could possibly bear it but it tickled in such a bothersome way. i smashed my other hand around on it and hoped i killed it. i wasn’t actually sure if it was there to begin with or if i felt a loose hair or something. anyway, hope you are well. i am thinking about you. actually, i was watching a video tonight and the girl had a name tattooed on her butt and it was a name i knew,



Deleting is your best option.
Mother of four.



How is it that
ry time I get down
on my knees to pray
i taste spit and feel an infection i-
n my stomach from fucking


strawberry shortcake

there’s one spot on the inside of my thigh
that is the sweetest i am as flimsy as a
cowtail and i am obsessed with cream




-what is ur relationship w therapy
-do u have any homoerotic interests
-how does having sex in the back of a parked schoolbus sound
-have u read marie calloway what purpose did i serve

-do u ever jerk off to just ankles



god is hiding in young thug’s breath
god is hiding in your sore muscles

                            in my sore muscles
there’s an intricate pin and tumbler lock somewhere inside
intimate moments like a prostate massage

Sophie Jennis

Sophie Jennis is a writer from the Hudson Valley of New York. You can find her work at and her girlhood on twitter at @girlfriendjuice.

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