Three Poems by Coco Fitterman

uncle’s house


Death Is Soon

Eat Trash

Be Free



lesson poem

chilling with objects

in your studio

like cooling carcasses


after class

you tell me

the omasum,


the third stomach of a cow,

is called     a book


it is also called       the bible


many things are called       the bible


this is discussed

in various sources

on the subject of


an expensive form


all new thinking is loss

on the subject of the new


all newness is old


words and tones recycled


and derived


over time


like glass


smoothed by the ocean


smoothe  but ancient


fossils of a corrupted and failed modernity


I’ll be seeing you

In all the old familiar places


things have been doubling


maybe it’s time to go home

or maybe it’s the future

fucking finally


that thing is happening

when lighting cracks

revealing objects

in their terrifying tense

it can get like that



my body

feels porous




like the old man


lurking around campus


just staring

Artforum magazine


I dream all night





happy and flat, she waits for herself


animals could sacrifice stuff too

just never feel like it


(header image courtesy Theodore Darst)

Coco Fitterman

Coco Fitterman is the author of Say It With Flowers (Inpatient Press 2017). She has performed her work at American Medium, MoMA PS1, and elsewhere, and her writing can be found in Ducts Magazine, New York Tyrant, and The Brooklyn Rail.

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