Three Poems by Dan Hoy


You can have
all my weapons.

I’m talking just
the gods

that know me.

The ones
that answer my name.

We lead the future
to water

so we can drown it.


My entire body
is a border dispute.

Touch me
higher than the sun.

Make me feel more

I know you
want to spit

words in my mouth.

The life we waste
is eternal life.


Not sure
what to do

with all this magic.

the anthem is

that converts
our time

into less time.

Every flag
a suicide note.

Dan Hoy

Dan Hoy is the author of The Deathbed Editions (Octopus Books, 2016) and several poetry chapbooks, including The Terraformers (Third Man Books, 2017) and The Tree (Solar Luxuriance, 2016). His recent collaboration with Mike Kleine, We R the World, was featured in the 2019 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction. He lives in Nashville.

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