Three Poems by M. Elizabeth Scott


At a rise with an ending

like Turin

they’re calling and you don’t

mind now do you


Say it without fantasy

a passing radius


nearly boiling


Money is Italian

lambskin, not a dive bar

at midnight

on a Tuesday




Blame the honeymoon


it’s not like words


An infusion

the China

left untouched


Heaven’s eyes

damp as gasoline

with dharma’s gloss


It’s been a song

I was in love

and stopped


There were no words for the zoos

glinting blandly

in the mid-deadline sun

the narcotics of Google

behind us

like an unseen lord


After the silence

you are natural

a spasm in Netzach

as easy as an animal

soot and earwax

on the slit of its rib


M. Elizabeth Scott

M. Elizabeth Scott is a poet, photographer and esotericist based in New York. She is the co-founder of arts collective Cixous72 and its derivative imprint, 72 Press.

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