Three Poems by Rachel Rabbit White



Monistat Seven Day

Goddess of mixing
unroot my chakras
I ask for help

What happens to an unused altar
to deities forgotten, called up
in times of desperation

A naked woman kneels
one foot on the ground
one in the water
pouring water back into water
what kind of an offering is that?


wake up at noon
teeth gritty
pussy itchy
and wonder
what kind of alchemy
I’ll need to perform
Boric Acid
my eternal flow

my eternal pussy
I guess I was supposed
to light a candle

and make the sex I have
seem more dangerous
as in fun

Conjure the goddess
in a midtown hotel
all business / no minibar
create an offering
of instant coffee
and gel douche


The last time
I dated a rich man
he wanted a spell
his loft covered
in pink and red

But just short
of incantation
     the flow      of petals
     from one vessel
  to another
he stopped        and said
     I just can’t
          get into this

I remind myself
that a spell
is an interlude
and a charm
is all I

I guess
I knew then
the only answer is
     never again

Make alchemy from concealer
and adderall, sleep, stretch,
go back to bed

I’m a bad boy
and that’s why
I need
a female deity

for when I have
to lift my pussy
to the heavens
             raise it
to the divine

As if it were ever
more than a setting
turned to safety mode
a chakra
to be block/unblocked



Porn Carousel

With men
                   it’s always the same
like bitch…
                   I have arrived

                           and as it turns out…
                   at the water’s edge
surveying the scene,
                   living has always been
my medium

How flourishing and gay we are
           a carnival at its most      August

scattering    gold     goblets    on
            lush    carpets

I hope your ex
-boyfriend still follows
you know,
          I’m a dolphin          when we lay bb CC to squirt
your aura an orchid
       of trinkets sounding
              around my hitachi

I curse the hum
of his illusory lawns
I curse the machinery
required in appearance
of security

It takes awhile to hate your ex
it took nine months
like the doctor said
for my nose-job to settle

In the matriarchy
everyone gets as much pie
to do with, as they want

So if I had any power
I’d make you a star

Enter you in
the county fair
to rub sticky Huckleberry
without consequences
over our bodies

The prize is a glass dolphin
         and an Anna Nicole mirror

Imagine: to commit marriage
and still fight
every day
for your “donation”

In fully automated luxury communism
everyone gets free plastic surgery
to do with, as they want

Misted    at intervals
a    glass-house    flower
you’re hydrated &
                         already perfect

Each apartment            I painted pink
decorated          so as to suggest
                  the only true romance
                                    is mother-daughter incest

I want to become
     a horrifying woman
          a dust-ruffle
               a decorative     kleenex holder
I don’t want to forget anger
and hatred

We both know desire is a cluster
of promises in the distance
to try to unhorizon

But I can’t stop thinking
the visible clit
is only the tip
internal energy

I used to dream
          of birthing kittens
I used to be pregnant
          but it’s been years
get some imagination boys!
      pull out and apologize
for being boring!

Can you imagine hooking up with your ex?
a disaster, so embarrassing
like a dream where you realize
the person you’ve been fucking
all along              by accident
was your dad

When I sleep
         there’s never the act of sex
                  just a tension and release
                                       tension and release

On the edge of girlhood,
            a putrid blossoming,
overripe, buzzing
            a sticky in-between

Like I love the feeling
       of being crushed
              into a carpet
                     face down
          about to whisper
       at the top of the
ferris wheel

Just thinking about it…
                                 I have to eat a peach
and let it drip to the floor



ASS demon

Nocturnally     lit
face down & dreamless
     far back as I remember

Let’s say it started          with larvae threading
kaleidoscopic worming
long     dark     up
my prepubescent ass

males die          in the small intestine
as the females begin

tongue the lord’s fantasy
               fucking losers                can’t help if
for us the dream
               is the action
                                  of living

from the anus

I ask the ass demon:                how did you get here?

                                           I’ve always been here                I’ve seen you                I’ve known you

The parasites were my first!
I’d fuck anyone once!
Little did they know…

Laying in the street
to see who comes

Everyone gets one (1)

Walk across
chain link ride the overpass
rise    each    peak like
part the waves, bitch

The spiral calls and I don’t balk:
   1-800-pick-up-the phoooooone
if he stops get in
feel    that
             the     coccyx

cast with the reek 4 am
pink of Times Square

The neon never goes out
I never have to go home

I know it’s not OK
to have a body
but the night     and its conditions
                                                                                          eternal herpe
Belong to me alone

See, me, I’m made for it
              liquified as an orgasm
unsure if faked
              or felt                     through           some further sense

I meant what I said:
I’ll fuck anyone once…

It’s my singular talent
my one calling!

keep                blue                      cohosh
                          and      colocynth
                in                                  the cabinet

                free               drip
                         Into                     everything

Rachel Rabbit White

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