Three Poems by Sarah Galvin


The Only Activities I’m Interested in Meeting People on the Internet for are Anonymous Sex and Smashing Car Windshields With My Face During Anonymous Sex

I have only ever met two people in real life
and hosted a board game burning party
with the second one immediately.
When the pyre illuminated
our faces we both knew
the party was our wedding.


Best-Case Scenario

In a dream we had sex in a field of little blue flowers
and laughed at the leaves stuck to each other’s butts

like the very first humans who laughed

in dreams the ground feels comforting and uncomplicated
as if humanity escaped its role as abuser

went to therapy for years,
and is now having coffee
with the earth, both of them
crying a little, the earth finally
without reason to be sickened by its sympathy
which is problematic

The only thing that’s the same
when I’m awake
as it is in my dreams
is your laughter


Being Present

You can practice mindfulness by focusing
on things in your immediate vicinity
Like that vacant house across the street
that was the first place you saw an enema
Or that hydrangea bush on the corner
that was the second place you saw an enema
And you can dance
You can dance if you want to
You can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they’re
no friends of mine.

Sarah Galvin

Sarah Galvin is a the author of Ugly Time, The Three Einsteins and The Best Party of our Lives; contributor to The Guardian, Vice Magazine, The Stranger, and City Arts.

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