Two Poems by Anton Ivanov


Life is just a fantasy: Happiness is a juvenile fantasy. Wellness is a senile fantasy. Fitness is a Darwinian fantasy. Utility is a middle class fantasy. Success is a poor man’s fantasy. Taste is the fantasy of money. Love is a pomegranate. Pastels are a convenient fantasy. Fashion is an ugly fantasy. Music is a violent fantasy. Beauty, what a fantasy. Art has been mistaken for a fantasy. Goodness is a late fantasy. Smiles are a hungry fantasy. Friendship is a dated fantasy. Sex is a lonely fantasy. But family is even lonelier. Gender is a cursed fantasy. Justice is a desperate fantasy. Politics a mediocre one. Identity is just a trap. Technology is a tired fantasy. Central air is a domestic fantasy. Security is freedom’s fantasy. Surveillance is eye candy. Careers are an idiot’s fantasy. Free markets are a silly fantasy. Interest is a returning fantasy. Money is money. And vice versa and vice per-versa. Intelligence is an inheritable fantasy. Meaning is a hopeless fantasy. Truth is another fantasy. And the future a fantasy that never stops. Anhedonia is a classic fantasy. Humanism a pious fantasy. The cloth is God’s fantasy. Immanence the fantasy of presence. The ass is the throne’s fantasy. The throne is death throes’ fantasy.



Daniil Kharms

I’m really really broke
I’m really really hungry
Today I wrote nothing
I don’t want handouts
Do you have any work?
Work nobody wants
Hard hard work, no one?
Please give me some food
Today I wrote nothing
It doesn’t matter!
What is that thing you need?
Let’s do that thing already!
I’m really really hungry
Bad work, heavy work
All kinds of work, I’ll do it
Today I wrote nothing
And I’m really really hungry
I’m really really broke
I’m here to help you
Please help me out
I’m really really hungry
Today I wrote nothing

Anton Ivanov

Anton Ivanov grew up between Italy and Bulgaria. He is a founder of Black Sun Lit and associate editor of Wonder.

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