Two Poems by Connie Mae Concepción Oliver

diorama rama
for justin

dial 9 three times
for z

en flagami
meten mano

in the molting staircase
of the liquor store
a palm reader says
what can i tell you, better yet
what can’t i tell you, nothing

who can read palms
in the wind in the mitsubishi dealership

we’re ducking
in the dickies box

the din of streamers a Jon 
Waters film on the wall a red
Playmobil car 

Total Request Live

IF an alien named IT gave me 
the chance to live forever
as a computer I would say

Here’s a museum of something rooted
in a form of veneration although
of what quién sabe.

City Furniture, Dadeland

What is the object of worship on the Dadeland
South Metro Rail, is it transience? Cool 

Ranch Doritos 
empty Snapple rolling

connie mae concepción oliver

connie mae concepción oliver lives in new york. her second book “science fiction fiction” (Spuyten Duyvil, 2020) is about miami and color photo and dadeland mall.

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