Two Poems by Tatum Howey



Everything you said
Was Erotic
Bataille and
The sun sucking the sun
Grateful for your arms and
Ribbed shirt
Every surface was porous
What is the insistence then
To name a thing a thing
The vocal gesturing
Even after the fact
To love without possession
As you said
Or the caustic effect of being with you
Light going into light
Light into dark
Light and dark
Bending toward one another
Richard Serra knew
The apparatus of desire
My tendency
To make you into
What I can understand
Upstate holding hands
Us beside each other
Two steel monuments
Walking through the ruins
We saw strokes on the wall
The semantics of our breaking down
Like someone’s habit of
Disappearing for days at a time
My father’s truck at
The edge of the forest and
Every pattern we said we would forget


I tell you about a fantasy
I am not sure of another word to describe it
You help spread the cool testogel on my skin
And there is a patch of sun on your neck
And somehow these two weathers are related
And we feel them both the same

Tatum Howey

Tatum Howey is an MFA candidate at CalArts interested in the possibilities of a trans-poetics. They are currently located in Los Angeles.

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